10 Thrilling and Safe Outdoor Activities to Try During Quarantine

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10 Thrilling and Safe Outdoor Activities to Try During Quarantine

Intro: Things To Do Outdoors In A Pandemic

So, you’re probably wondering, how the heck can we keep sane and get some fresh air while this pandemic’s got us all cooped up? I’ll tell ya, it’s not just important, it’s essential! Let’s dive into some awesome activities that’ll keep you paddle-happy and safe from the ol’ COVID blues.

Kayaking, I mean, come on! Not only is it a great way to get some exercise, but it’s perfect for social distancing. Out there on the water, it’s just you, your kayak, and that soothing splash of paddles. It’s a fantastic way to clear your head and enjoy nature without worrying about bumping into a crowd. Plus, with all the different types of kayaking available, from tranquil lake paddling to river running, there’s always something new to explore!

Ever thought about fishing from a kayak? It’s like two peas in a pandemic pod! Seriously, it’s one of the most peaceful things you could do. Just imagine yourself floating along, your line in the water, waiting for that gentle tug, totally at peace. And the best part? Fish don’t carry the virus, so it’s a win-win for dinner and your well-being!

Lastly, don’t forget those riverside picnics. Pack yourself a nice meal, perhaps a tasty sandwich, and some fresh fruit, and head on down to the riverbank. It’s a splendid way to enjoy a meal with a view (and keep away from crowded restaurants). Just remember to leave no trace because Mother Nature’s been kind enough to lend us her space.

So yeah, there’s a real bounty of things you can do outdoors even while the world’s upside down. Remember to stay safe, keep your distance, and, whatever you do, don’t forget to soak in all that beauty around you. It’s good for the soul.

How To Have Fun During The Pandemic?

Okay, so we’re all trying to navigate these strange times, right? If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that kayaking can really add some zest to life, especially now. I mean, we’ve all been cooped up enough, and it’s time to break out and enjoy nature’s splendor—safely, of course. So let’s chat about how kayaking can be the perfect escape during this ongoing pandemic.

First off, the water’s a fantastic place because it’s naturally a social-distancing champion. Seriously, you’re out there, the nearest person is probably a good paddle away, and it’s just you and the open water. It’s the kind of solitude that doesn’t feel lonely, ya know? Plus, the rhythmic splash of the paddle—it’s meditative. Gives you a chance to clear your head and socially distance from those pandemic woes.

But here’s the kicker—you’re getting a killer workout, and you might not even notice because hello, you’re distracted by all the beauty around you. It’s that sneaky fitness that doesn’t feel like a chore. And when you glide past a family of ducks or spot a heron standing like a sentinel, it’s hard not to feel a lift in your spirits. It’s moments like these when you realize there’s still plenty to savor out there, pandemic or not.

Now, I’m not saying to forget all precautions; safety is the name of the game. Always mask up when needed, keep disinfectant handy for your gear, and be mindful of local health guidelines. But as long as you play it safe, kayaking is like a pandemic hack for outdoor fun. So what are you waiting for? Grab a paddle, don your life vest, and get out there. The water’s calling, and it’s a call we kayakers can’t ignore.

Can You Hang Out Outside With Someone Who Has Covid

Oh man, the pandemic really did a number on how we hang out, didn’t it? Here I am, a nifty kayak guide, itching to tell you about the do’s and don’ts of chilling outdoors during these surreal times.

  • Maintain a proper physical distance - Even in the open, keeping that golden six feet apart rule is key when you’re with someone who’s got COVID. Better safe than sorry, right?
  • Wear a mask, and make it part of your adventure gear - I wouldn’t paddle out without my life vest, and during a pandemic, I’d never leave my mask behind. Gotta protect those airways, folks.
  • Opt for activities that naturally space people out - Like kayaking, for instance! Each person gets their own kayak, so you’re physically apart but together in spirit — a win-win.
  • Time your outings to avoid the crowds - You’ve gotta be strategic, hitting the water when it’s less busy so you can keep your distance without hassle. Trust me, sunrise or sunset paddles? They’re magical.
  • Keep it short and sweet - Instead of a full-day marathon, think about short bursts of fresh air fun. That way, you reduce the time of potential exposure, and honestly, sometimes, those short trips can be incredibly refreshing.
  • Bring your own stuff, and no sharing - Whether it’s snacks or paddles, keep your gear to yourself. I mean, sharing is caring, but not when it comes to germs.
  • Stay informed about local guidelines - The rules can change faster than the rapids on a river, so make sure you’re up to date. You don’t want unnecessary trouble on your hands.
  • If you’re feeling under the weather, opt for a solo activity - Hey, I love company as much as the next guy, but if there’s even a sniffle in question, it’s time to embrace the solitude of a solo paddle. It’s peaceful, trust me.
  • Keep it non-contact - I’m talking air high-fives and virtual fist bumps. It might feel a bit odd, but hey, it’s the new normal, right?
  • Have a plan for emergencies - On the off chance something goes sideways, have a mask and sanitizer ready, and know your exit strategy. Safety’s the name of the game here.

Phew, it’s quite something thinking about all these precautions, but hey, we gotta roll with the punches and keep on paddling, metaphorically and literally.

What Are Some Activities For People With Covid?

Getting Active with COVID Can Be Tricky

Alright, let’s dive right in. If you’ve been hit with COVID and feeling antsy to get a bit of fresh air, it’s important to find activities that are safe and won’t push your body too hard. Take it from me, you don’t want to overexert yourself when you’re on the mend. Personally, I think gentle walks are a real lifesaver. They get your blood flowing and let you soak up some much-needed vitamin D, without wearing you out. And hey, if there’s a scenic route near your place, why not make it a tad more interesting with a leisurely stroll? It’s all about listening to your body though, don’t you go pushing past your limits!

Now, if you’re someone who’s used to more physical activity, like kayaking, you might be itching to get back in the saddle or, well, kayak. But hold your horses! There’s no need to rush. Instead, think about simple stretching or yoga on your deck or garden. Stretching is surprisingly refreshing and keeps your muscles from turning into noodles. Plus, it’s a calming way to reconnect with your body and breath, which is super important when you’re recovering.

Crafting Your Outdoor Haven

Once you’ve got a bit of energy back, there’s nothing like pottering around in your garden, if you’re lucky enough to have one. Gardening’s a splendid way to get some outdoor time without overdoing it. You can tend to some plants, maybe start a little herb garden—nothing too strenuous. It’s not about turning into a green thumb overnight, just giving yourself something peaceful to do that gets you out in the open air.

Another thing that’s really taken my fancy lately is bird watching. Hear me out—it’s surprisingly engaging! You can grab a pair of binoculars, or heck, just sit back and watch. It’s oddly meditative, and I’ll tell you, nature’s got its own way of lifting spirits when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Plus, you become kinda familiar with the different feathered friends that visit your backyard.

Above all, remember, it’s key to follow health guidelines and keep others safe. So, keep these activities solo or with household members, maintain a safe distance from others, and mask up if you’re stepping off your property. We’ve all got to do our part, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little slice of the great outdoors, right? Keep it simple, keep it safe, and don’t forget to enjoy the little things.

Sitting Outside With Covid

Oh man, being stuck indoors during a pandemic can really stir the cabin fever, but finding a way to connect with the freshness of outside air is a game-changer. Here’s the scoop on how you can still embrace the outdoors responsibly, even if you’re weathering the storm of Covid.

  • Sitting Outside with Covid

Lounge on your personal deck or balcony - Designate that little nook outside your living space as a sanctuary. Plop down on a comfortable chair, grab your favorite beverage, and just breathe in the fresh air; it’s like a little vacay from the indoor blues. Set up a bird feeder - Who needs Netflix when you’ve got live shows right outside? Setting up a bird feeder can attract some friendly feathered visitors, adding a bit of nature’s buzz to your day. Get green-thumbed in your garden - If there’s a patch of green you can call your own, now’s the perfect time to get down and dirty. Planting flowers or veggies reconnects you with earthy vibes and the satisfaction—oh, it’s priceless. Patio picnic - Turn lunchtime into an event. Roll out a blanket, whip up some sandwiches, and voilà, you’ve got yourself an outdoor feast. Stargazing spot - Once the sun dips, why not gaze at the stars? It’s peaceful, it gets you out of the house, and who doesn’t love a good cosmic wonder? Mindfulness moments under the sky - Meditation or light yoga outdoors isn’t just good exercise; it can seriously chill those pandemic nerves. Read a book alfresco - Grab a page-turner and lose yourself in a story under the shade of a tree; it’s an outdoor escape without the crowd. Listen to nature’s playlist - Sometimes, I just sit out there and listen to the wind, the rustling leaves, and birdsong. It’s like nature’s crafting its own soothing soundtrack. Outdoor art projects - Sketching or painting in the fresh air? Gives a whole new perspective to your creativity, plus the natural light is pretty awesome for colors. Use binoculars to explore from a distance - You’d be surprised what you can discover from your own backyard—birds, critters, clouds—all from the comfort of your chair.

Remember, while you’re out there soaking up the sun and sipping on some lemonade, keep respecting those health guidelines. Now, go catch some rays and fresh air. It’s like pressing the reset button for your mood!

Is It Ok To Walk Outside During Covid?

Alright, so we’re all cooped up thanks to this pesky pandemic, right? But that doesn’t mean we’ve gotta chain ourselves to the couch, binging shows until our eyes glaze over. Going stir-crazy isn’t on my to-do list, and I’m guessing it ain’t on yours either. So let’s tackle this head-on: is it alright to amble outdoors during COVID? The answer is a resounding yes—with a few caveats.

First off, fresh air is good for the soul—and the body, I should add. Getting outside for some footsteps among nature can do wonders for your mood and health. But remember, this pesky virus likes to tag along closer than a shadow, so social distancing is key. Keep your distance from others like they’re that one relative who always asks for a loan.

And when it comes to face coverings, think of your mask like the life jacket in a kayak - don’t leave shore without it. Especially if you’re anywhere that might be even a smidgen crowded. You might feel a bit miffed wearing it out in the open, but it’s better than catching or spreading the dreaded bug. Besides, there’s a whole world of stylish masks out there. Make it your new outdoor accessory!

Lastly, pick your spots wisely. A secluded trail? Perfecto. A crowded boardwalk? Not so much. Remember, we’re aiming for open-air and elbow room. Keep it smart, keep it safe, and you’ll keep enjoying the great outdoors, pandemic or not. Now, go hit the trails – just don’t literally hit them; that would be painful, and I hear those trees don’t take kindly to it.

What To Do While At Home With Covid?

Oh, the irony! You know, when you’re all about embracing the great outdoors, guiding folks on the rapids, and then – bam – you’re stuck at home riding the COVID wave instead of the waterways. Life sure loves to toss in a plot twist, doesn’t it? So here’s the scoop on what you can do when the world flips upside down and you’re paddling through your home instead of the rivers.

Embrace the Backyard – Bet you never thought that patch of green behind your house could be a mini getaway, huh? Well, think again! I’ve started treating my backyard like the great outdoors. Lounging in a hammock, firing up the grill, or even pitching a tent for a cheeky backyard campout (s’mores included, of course) turns a regular evening into an event. It’s all about that change of scenery!

DIY Water Features – Missing the soothing sounds of the stream? Boy, do I understand that. So, I decided to get crafty. Ever heard of tabletop water fountains? They’re like a little slice of river life, right on your porch. Gather some pebbles, a water pump, and a container, and voila, you’ve got the tranquil sounds of water at your fingertips. It’s not kayaking, but it helps scratch the itch.

Birdwatching Bonanza – Might sound a bit cliché for an adrenaline junkie like myself, but giving birdwatching a whirl has been surprisingly entertaining. Just grab some binoculars and see what feathery friends are hanging around your neighborhood. Keeps your observation skills sharp – a handy habit for when you’re back on the water scanning for that perfect wave or hidden obstacle. Plus, it’s kinda relaxing.

Stay Fit for Future Adventures – Let’s face it, when you’re finally freed from the indoor life, you’ll want to hit those kayaks harder than ever. So I’m keeping my body in paddling shape with some home exercises – think planks, burpees, and sofa cushion kayaking (okay, I made that last one up, but you get the point). Your future self will thank you for staying shipshape.

Can You Get Covid From The Outside Air If Sitting On A Porch With Screening

Ah, the great outdoors! You know, even with a pandemic sweeping through our lives, getting a breath of fresh air has never felt more precious. So, let’s talk about those porch hangs – can you catch the dreaded virus while kicking back on a screened-in porch?

  • Ensuring good airflow – It’s no secret, ventilation is king. Keep those breezy vibes flowing because a well-ventilated area significantly drops the chances of airborne particles hanging in the air.
  • Social distancin’ on the porch – It might sound like a buzzkill, but keepin’ your chairs a good six feet apart can really make a difference. Even with screens, better safe than sorry, right?
  • The amount of time spent – Grabbing some fresh air is good for the soul, but minimize the time congregating in any one place. Short visits can reduce the risk of snagging any germs hanging around.
  • The size of the gathering – Keep it cozy with fewer folks. Smaller groups mean fewer chances for COVID to crash the party.
  • Masks on the menu – When you’re not sipping on lemonade or munching snacks, consider wearing a mask. It’s a simple way to add another layer of protection between you and the outside air.
  • Disinfect common areas – A wipedown never hurts. Regularly disinfecting shared spaces like armrests or side tables can help keep unwelcome microscopic guests away.
  • Awareness of community transmission rates – It’s smart to keep an eye on local COVID stats. If things are lookin’ dicey in your area, it might be time to rethink the porch powwows.
  • Considering the health of attendees – If Aunt Margie’s feeling under the weather, perhaps suggest she enjoys the porch by her lonesome for now. Looking out for the health of everyone is crucial.
  • Immunization status – If your crew is vaccinated, the risks dwindle down. It’s another piece in the puzzle of keeping each other safe in these wild times.
  • Nature’s own screen – Remember, that screening isn’t a force field, but it can help swat away some bugs and provide a little extra peace of mind. It’s like nature’s way of saying, “I gotchu.”

Whew, look at us – talking safety and still finding ways to enjoy the simple things. It feels good to be proactive, doesn’t it? Just remember, even though we’re a little more separated, we can still share in the beauty of the outdoors, pandemic or not. Keep on paddling through, folks!

Final Verdict

Going Kayaking

Hitting the water in a kayak? Man, you’re speaking my language! So here’s the scoop - when the world’s upside down, and you’ve got this pandemic on the prowl, kayaking? It’s like a sweet escape. You’re out there, paddling away, and it’s just you, the water, and the sky. Talk about taking a breather from all that chaos!

Kayaks give you the skinny to weave through nature without the worry of crowds. And hey, it’s a solid way to keep that body movin’ and groovin’ to the rhythm of the water. Oh, and bonus points – it’s pretty low-risk since you’re not rubbing elbows with strangers. It’s like getting the green light to peace of mind while you tone those muscles.

And if we’re chatting safety, buddy, it’s a no-brainer. You’re out there, slathering on the SPF, strapping on your life vest, and keeping a safe distance from fellow paddlers. I mean, if you ask me, bobbing along in a kayak beats being cooped up indoors any day of the week. Embrace that vitamin D and let the waterworks (the good kind!) do their magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go hiking during the pandemic?

Absolutely, I’m all for it! Hiking’s a brilliant way to get some fresh air and exercise, without the worry of being too close to others. Just make sure to check if your local trails are open and follow any restrictions.

Is it safe to have a picnic at the park?

Picnics? They’re a classic! As long as you’re keeping a safe distance from other groups and practicing good hygiene, it’s a lovely way to enjoy a meal.

Families have a bunch of options. Biking, playing frisbee, or doing a nature scavenger hunt—these are just some fun activities to keep everyone engaged and active.

Are outdoor fitness classes a good idea?

Indeed, they’re a great pick! Outdoor fitness classes provide the perfect balance of social interaction and physical distance. Just ensure the class sizes are limited and spaced out.

Can I still go camping?

Camping’s still on the table! It’s an awesome escape from the daily grind. Just confirm the campsite’s open and follow any special guidelines they’ve got in place.

What are the risks of going to the beach?

Heading to the beach can be quite refreshing, but there’s a slight risk if it’s packed. So, if you can’t keep a six-foot bubble around you, better to build your sandcastle another day.

How do I stay safe while playing outdoor sports?

Play it smart—choose sports that don’t require close contact, like tennis. And hey, don’t forget to sanitize your hands and equipment.

Can I take outdoor art classes?

Sure thing, outdoor art classes can be a creative outlet. Just keep enough space between easels, and you’re all set to paint the town—well, not literally!

You bet, these places are usually spacious enough to visit safely. Plus, they’re often relaxing and educational. Just check any visitor guidelines beforehand.

How can I ensure social distancing while jogging?

Simple, try to jog during less busy times or pick routes that aren’t crowded. And if you see someone approaching, just make a little detour. It’s like your personal game of real-life Frogger!

Wesley Samanta

Wesley Samanta

Wesley Samanta, an avid fly fisher, finds solace along the tranquil streams of Colorado. With a keen eye for trout, Wesley skillfully navigates the waters, a testament to his deep connection with nature. His spare time is often spent crafting lures, each a reflection of his precision and artistry. Wesley's love for the outdoors is not just a hobby, but a way of life.


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